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Generation AI in Education

Why are we all Generation AI in Education?

Whether we realize it or not, AI has infiltrated all of our lives. In many domains, it is influencing – and in many cases – deciding who is in and who is out. This is very true in the education sector, where universities are increasingly relying on AI to help make decisions about university applications, as well as identify who may have cheated on exams and who plagiarized.

In addition to being impacted by AI, we are also involved in its creation. While we all recognize the tremendous potential for good, we cannot ignore the risks that AI poses to our societies and the planet. As part of Generation AI, it is our collective project to lead technology for the public good.

The implications of AI for knowledge, education and learning: Technology is never ideologically neutral. And new AI models and utilities are no exception.

AI applications that generate human-like language raise fundamental questions for human knowledge, education, and learning. Most AI profits come from only one of two countries.

That means that some worldviews are being privileged. Only 10 of the more than 7000 languages in use worldwide are used to access 80% of the 1.8 billion websites and 92% of the OER Commons global library is in English, that means 95% of the world’s languages are excluded. Despite the promises of AI to further diversify our knowledge commons, we could be impoverishing it. We must develop AI technologies in ways that protect and expand our varied knowledge systems.

The role of edtech IGNITE COPILOT in shaping a vision for the Future of Education:

We don’t have a crystal ball. But we have learned that we can no longer simply ask: How do we integrate technology into education? We must delve deeper: What roles should this powerful technology play? On whose terms? Who decides?

UNESCO’s Generative AI and the future of education report reminds us of our ability to act. Our commitment to shaping STEM & AI technology to serve the humanistic goals of education, which is guided by the four principles of inclusion, equity, quality and accessibility.

Today, we are moving forward rapidly, without a compass and without a clear sense of direction. In this time of uncertainty, IGNITE COPILOT is working with schools and teachers to navigate these changes ethically. The risks are high. That’s why we are committed to leading technology for education.

Our Generative AI Guidance in the IGNITE COPILOT app provides the necessary direction. It provides teaching units of pedagogical value, according to LOMLOE, without the need to acquire proprietary content licensed from publishers.

Para más información, puedes contactar con nuestro equipo pedagógico: hey@ignitecopilot.ai

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